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Twenty-One Years Ago… Innovation Began Right Here!

How do you define success? An ISO Quality certification? A Crisil rating stating, “High financial strength
and high performance capability”? Exceptional performance across India?
Well… ExtinctFire Engineers is all that; and more.

Success comes at a PRICE. At EXTINCTFIRE Engineers (EFE), it cost us relentless hard work, unfailing customer service and organised team effort! Let us go back in time... to the year 1990, when we thought it was the right time to offer something more to the Fire Protection industry; give businesses an effective presence and help them promote their services.

Where we stand today

In the current scenario, our presence has become more prominent. Today we are certified by the Iso 9001, Crisil and much more. However, the buck does not stop here. Our portfolio of more than 300 clients and 500-plus successfully delivered projects is an achievement that is hard to match.

Is that all about ExtinctFire Engineers?

Nope, there’s something more. We are also an ISO certified company – a certification that ensures every project delivered matches up to the optimum requirements of the client, with every process underlining quality. We focus more on Training! In fact each individual undergoes minimum 2 trainings each month! We believe in the principle of making work your play, because work is something you have to do and play is something you love to do! Hence At EXTINCTFIRE Engineers we all love our work! We have weekly prizes, competitions and activities that ensures a high level of productivity and guaranteed output!

Master of the Game

When it comes to Fire Protection and Execution, we have really been there, done that. Be it development, design, or last minute job additions, our solutions are simply par excellence. With more than 21 years of rich experience there are no more surprises. Hence, we continue to compete with ourselves and hence improve upon the past!

Core Purpose:

Redefining Safety and Utility with Operational Excellence

Core Values:

Entrepreneurial Spirit and No-entitlement Attitude

Walk Your Talk

4E: Educate, Examine, Experience and Ethics

Test Before You Trust

Speak With Data

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