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With Extinctfire’s range of fire fighting equipments,the protection from fire hazards has just got safer

Firefighting has been around since the dawn of time. Man has known from an early age not to fool with the danger that is an open fire, hence the expression that is “playing with fire”. Firefighting is dangerous but it is the last line of defense between human accomplishment and the destructive power of fire.....read more

What makes Extinctfire one of the leading Fire Fighting Equipment provider in India

You know that every new business needs to be properly protected. You wouldn’t want your assets to be stolen or misused and you would like to know that all of your employees are properly protected. That is all very standard; however, not a lot of people consider protecting the very building that their business is situated in....read more

Securing your house with Fire Security System from Extinctfire is a Must

There are a great many ways to fight a fire within an industrial facility or a home. The most conventional way is to have prepared fire extinguishers in advance and having them placed in convenient locations. This, however, would not do much against a widespread fire of larger proportions....read more

Install now Extinctfire’s CO2 extinguishing systems

There are a great many ways to fight a fire within an industrial facility or a home. The most conventional way is to have prepared fire extinguishers in advance and having them placed in convenient locations. This, however, would not do much against a widespread fire of larger proportions....read more

Improve Safety at your work place with a range of Fire Fighting Systems from Extinctfire

If you’ve ever had any form of security crisis at your job, then you know how workplace issues can spiral and cause long term damage to both you and your employees. Maybe you were robbed, or you fell victim to a natural disaster of some kind. Either way, you learned that one small incident can damage your entire business, sometimes fatally....read more

Extinguish your Fire Hazard woes with Extinctfire

There are many Fire and Security Companies in India, and a lot of them do good work. The reason that these companies are so successful is because they truly offer a service that no business can do without.....read more

Extinctfire's Novec Fire Extinguishing System a must for your Industry

You may or may not know this about fire extinguishing, but there are literally dozens of effective ways to suppress a fire and they are seldom used all together. Usually, a business owner would like to hire a professional company to install firefighting measures throughout their premises so that in the event of a fire, counter measures are ready and waiting.....read more

Extinctfire adds more security to your industry with top quality firefighting systems

If you own any kind of industrial facility, you must pride yourself on its efficiency. Furthermore, it is likely that you care about being secure and safe at all times. Your employees surely deserve the best working conditions and they deserve to be properly protected against fires and other disasters....read more

Act before its late by installing Extinct Fire's Fire Fighting Systems at your place

Advanced fire protection includes a wide range of products and services that ensure life safety and environmental supportability through continued investments in advanced technology, a dedication to quality and a constant emphasis on customer service. All these elements are incorporated in our company called ExtinctFire Engineers that is regarded as one of the best fire protection service providers in India....read more

How extinct fire's top notch quality gives it an edge above the rest

Every self-respecting business owner knows how important it is to maintain a good reputation. In case a fire were to occur at your company, it wouldn’t only damage your production, but your reputation too. Smart business owners make sure to hire the best Fire Sevices in India. Since there are many companies that provide fire extinguishing products in the country, it may sometimes be difficult to figure out which one is the best....read more

Secure your workplace with a range of Fire Fighting equipments from Extinct Fire

If you want to secure your workplace with high quality fire fighting equipment, you need to contact a reputable company that will do a good job for you. Many such companies exist in India, but only Extinct Fire will deliver consistent results. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and we have already served more than 300 clients. With over 500 projects completed, we can say that no other company matches our quality with regards to products and services....read more

Why Extinct Fire is the most trusted and Reliable source of Fire Fighting Systems in India

Every company needs a good fire extinguishing system because safety is one of the most important issues that a company should deal with. Finding Fire Services in India can be easy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those services will be adequate. If you want to find the best Fire Fighting Equipments in Mumbai, you need to contact us, at Extinct Fire. We have been in this business for over 20 years and customers respect us because we bring them high quality products and services....read more

Extinct Fire specialized Fire Detection and extinguishing System

Safe and efficient fire detection is a must when it comes to reliable fire protection. If a fire is detected earlier, the hazards and the harm caused by it can be overcome. It is of crucial importance to have the situation under control and that can be accomplished by a combination of fire protection control panels, fire detectors and alarm facilities, as well as customized planning. Whether you are looking for fire detection or fire extinguishing systems, you will be provided with the best solutions at Extinct Fire Engineers, the finest fire protection company in Mumbai. Our company protects people, the environment and the material assets in a safe and secure manner. We offer you fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems, as well as our professional services....read more

Fire Services which can quench the thirst of Fire

Most fire accidents at home or at work can be prevented by taking some basic and simple precautions. There are different types of fire that need to be approached differently, depending on the location of the fire. That being said, one should be aware of building fires, industrial and transport fires, and bush fires. In case of an unforeseen emergency, businesses need to come up plans and procedures in order to recover, and one of the things they definitely need is some suitable firefighting equipment....read more

Preventive and Reactive measures recommended from a Fire Fighting Company in India

Having a fire extinguisher is not enough to protect your infrastructure against fires, even if you are running a small business. It is always important to have sufficient fire protection in case of an emergency. Even though there are many good Fire Companies In India, our company, ExtinctFire, is considered to be the best one. We have been working relentlessly over these past few years in order to stay on top at all times.....read more

RIP your worried of Fire with 21 years experience Fire fighting Company Consultant in India

How hard can it be for a company to protect itself against fire accidents? For most companies, it can be harder than one would think. Since most of them don’t even worry about this issue so much, they don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves against possible accidents. However, if you are a person who wants to do their best to protect the business, you need to contact our company, Extinct Fire Engineers. Unlike any other Fire Fighting Company In India that sells fire protection products and services, we are Crisil certified.....read more