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Extinctfire's Novec Fire Extinguishing System a must for your Industry

You may or may not know this about fire extinguishing, but there are literally dozens of effective ways to suppress a fire and they are seldom used all together. Usually, a business owner would like to hire a professional company to install firefighting measures throughout their premises so that in the event of a fire, counter measures are ready and waiting. The most basic counter measures contain fire extinguishers, fire blankets, as well as hoses and such. However, we live in a century with incredibly advanced firefighting methods. One of these is widespread gas release for the suppression of fire spread.

The Novec Fire Extinguishing System, as it is called, is a system that is constantly prepared to flood the air of your facility with Novec. Novec is a low global warming potential replacement for the widely used Halon gas. It is a gas suppression agent that does its job quite well. In the past few years, it has proven itself to be quite effective at suppressing fires in smaller and larger facilities as well. This means that no matter where you work and no matter how big of a business you operate, you can benefit from the Novec Fire Protection System.

Granted, you should give your employees the opportunity to quell the fire using conventional fire extinguishers, but in the event of a fire with an insurmountable magnitude, you’d want to have a backup plan. We, at Extinct Fire, are more than authorized to install this system within your premises as we have decades of experience in the field and we make it our responsibility to make sure that your business is properly protected. We have not had an unsatisfied customer yet, because fire protection is the kind of investment that doesn’t pay off actively, but if you do suffer from a fire, you will realize just how invaluable your protection efforts are.