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Act before its late by installing Extinct Fire's Fire Fighting Systems at your place

Advanced fire protection includes a wide range of products and services that ensure life safety and environmental supportability through continued investments in advanced technology, a dedication to quality and a constant emphasis on customer service. All these elements are incorporated in our company called ExtinctFire Engineers that is regarded as one of the best fire protection service providers in India.

Accidents always happen unexpectedly. They can cause a lot of injuries or even deaths of employees and visitors. We advise employers to install intelligent fire-alarm systems capable of detecting fires and helping in minimizing the risk of hazard and jeopardies. Our motto is “Exceed our clients’ expectations” and our aim is to preserve the environment and lower the risk of emergency accidents.

We have been working for more than twenty years on manufacturing a comprehensive range of high-quality alarm systems, as well as firefighting and extinguishing equipment, and we are focused on providing industrial safety and life-saving devices. We have the right technology and know-how to deliver the best fire extinguishing systems to individuals and companies, and we constantly work on improving the availability, minimizing the costs and saving time.

The Novec Fire Protection System uses fluid that is environmentally acceptable, people compatible and capable of extinguishing fires effectively and fast, before any serious damage is done to your valuable assets. Our Co2 Extinguishing System is extremely effective, intelligent and reliable. The fast-acting control panels can quickly sense the fire before it causes any damage to your property. Every system we design, install and maintain is supported by our experienced and trained personnel and distributors worldwide to ensure safety and the protection of your personnel and property.

We are able to provide engineering solutions that meet the most advanced business and industry applications, so contact us today and make sure that we are able to protect what matters the most.