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Fire Services which can quench the thirst of Fire

Most fire accidents at home or at work can be prevented by taking some basic and simple precautions. There are different types of fire that need to be approached differently, depending on the location of the fire. That being said, one should be aware of building fires, industrial and transport fires, and bush fires. In case of an unforeseen emergency, businesses need to come up plans and procedures in order to recover, and one of the things they definitely need is some suitable firefighting equipment.

Our company, Extinct Fire Engineers, has grown into one of the best fire fighting and service providers in India and it specializes in the most advanced Turnkey fire protection systems. We have been working for more than twenty years with one goal, and that is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We aim towards preserving the environment and helping people lower the risk of emergency incidents and hazards.

Over the years, our business has developed rapidly and we have built a comprehensive range of high quality products and services. This has come as a result of our hard work, great customer service and unfailing team effort. When it comes to Fire Services In India, we offer a complete selection of industrial safety and life-saving equipment. Our firefighting systems and processes are highly developed, as well as safety-focused, while our management team is concentrated on quality management systems and safety in general.

We have a fire protection division that is exclusively into the field of fire protection, starting from the design, continuing with expert consultancy and ending with implementation. Our years of experience and great expertise allow us to provide fire fighting services to lots of public buildings like schools, hospitals, malls, banks or multiplexes. We have experienced and skilled professionals that strive to deal with fire as soon as possible and by rendering these services, we have earned huge appreciation on the market.