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Secure your workplace with a range of Fire Fighting equipments from Extinct Fire

If you want to secure your workplace with high quality fire fighting equipment, you need to contact a reputable company that will do a good job for you. Many such companies exist in India, but only Extinct Fire will deliver consistent results. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and we have already served more than 300 clients. With over 500 projects completed, we can say that no other company matches our quality with regards to products and services.

Unlike other companies in India, we haven’t been blacklisted by any client. We have been registered by the government of Maharashtra and our company is the only one that is Crisil certified. Our employees are trained comprehensively every month and we make sure to check our processes in order to see if they are bringing positive results. By training our employees and giving them prizes for their outstanding work, we are able to stay on top easily.

In case you’re looking for a Fire Fighting Equipment Sprinkler System, you need to check out our website and see what we have to offer. This is the best automated fire fighting system which does the work for your entirely. It detects the fire automatically by using a sensor. Once the water disperses under high pressure, the fire is put out within a few minutes.

We also have Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems that have traditionally been used in most companies. Those work best when they are used for small fires that haven’t really caught on. They are easy to operate and they will extinguish a fire without leaving any residue behind. Unfortunately, the person operating this system may risk getting injured.

A Foam Fire Fighting System is one of the best solutions for large areas because the process is completely automated and it isolates the oxygen from the fire, thus putting it out.