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Most people question, the effectiveness of a Fire Sprinkler Systems. Also, there are a lot of misunderstandings about Sprinkler Systems. What are their specific advantages? How is it better than a Fire Extinguisher? or Can Fire Alarm Systems be used instead? This article will give you a clarity, about Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Is it always necessary to provide Fire Fighting Sprinkler System?

This decision is specific to the project and can only be made by the Client or the Consultant in charge of the project. However we can provide you with, the direction and clarity about the subject, so that you can make the right decision. But from, our 23 years of rich experience, in the fire industry and after studying more than 500 companies (for Fire Protection); we highly recommend it and so do many Fire Fighting System Installation Companies.

How do Fire Sprinkler Systems Function?

The “Sprinkler” is a heat sensing device. Sprinkler Systems are of various types, temperature ranges and designs. The heat sensing element (of the Sprinkler) is pointed to the floor or to the area most prone to fire. The other end of the Sprinkler is connected to a network of pipes storing water under high pressure. Usually from 7bar to 10bar.
When there is a fire, near a Sprinkler; whose temperature is higher than the temperature rated value of the, heat sensing element in the Sprinkler. The bulb present inside the Sprinkler, or the heat sensing device bursts and water now flows through the Sprinkler Systems under pressure directly on to the fire affected area.
All of this is automated and happens, within 3mins, of the fire being detected. In this way Fire Protection Sprinkler System is an automatic, Fire Detection and Extinguishing System. However, Fire Sprinkler Systems was originally meant for Fire Suppression only.

Active and Automated Protection :

Fire Sprinkler Systems are so designed to, be completely automated. This is their major advantage above all other systems. They do not require human intervention of any kind. The basic concept, is that fire will suppressed, at an infant stage. This will stop it from spreading. This is especially more advantages, if it is a residential project. As the Fire Protection System fights the fire, residents can be evacuated from the building. Hence, the chances of any person getting injured or killed because of fire, are very slim. Sprinkler System for Fire Fighting is a very effective method to suppress fire or the spread of fire.

Fire Sprinkler Systems v/s Fire Extinguishers :

Fire Extinguishers are more effective when the fire is small and at an infant stage. However, even still; people have to actively risk their lives to stop the fire from spreading using Fire Extinguishers. Fire Extinguishers also require a relatively, higher maintenance. The chances of people getting permanently injured, due to fire is always present.
All these disadvantages are neutralized for Fire Sprinkler Systems, which is the better Automatic Fire Extinguishing System.

Fire Sprinkler Systems v/s Fire Hydrant System :

Again, Fire hydrant systems are manned systems, so there is a good chance people using the system might get burned or injured. Furthermore, it is not easy to operate a Fire Hydrant System. Fire Hydrants, have a limitation that they cannot be used for small fires, in an enclosed area. The force of water from the hydrant system if so great that, there are two people required to just, hold the fire hydrant. In fact, in some cases, Fire Hydrants cause more damage than the fire itself. This damage to the equipment maybe irreparable.
This disadvantages are minimal or nil for, Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Fire Sprinkler Systems v/s Fire Alarm System :

The greatest disadvantage of the Fire Alarm System is that, it is a passive system. It will only warn you, after detection of fire at an early Stage. After taking, the early warning, you must evacuate the premises of the factory or residential complex.
Here too, the Fire Sprinkler Systems System, wins hands down.

Still, why should I go for Fire Sprinkler System?

Because it is a 24 hour automated active system that does not require your help.
It is a time tested, quality tested machine that will work for you, regardless.
If you want to protect you investment, let it be from $0.5million to $100million, with surety.
If you want peace of mind, when you go to sleep.
If you have to protect costly or delicate equipment’s, with minimal damage.

So, why would anyone not go for Fire Sprinkler System?

“Budget” constraint is the major reason, period. This is because, some people have the perception that, their multi-million dollar investment is not prone to fire. One of the main reasons is that, people are not Fire Literate, they are completely oblivious to the dangers of fire.

Unique Advantage :

Insurance companies, like FM Global; have a mandate for Fire Sprinkler Systems.
Other, insurance companies, will offer a big reduction in cost, only if Fire Sprinkler Systems are installed and functioning properly, in the factory or commercial complex.
Such is the faith and reputation of Fire Sprinkler Systems.

In conclusion, a Fire Fighting System is never complete without a Sprinkler System. Out of the many Fire and Security Companies in India; we believe that ExtinctFire is the best.